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USA Citizenship Test 2013

The USA citizenship test 2013 has rules similar to the previous year’s rules. The new naturalization test being used for all N-400 applicants consists of tests for applicant’s knowledge of English language and American society.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for those who wish to take the USA citizenship test in 2013.

1. To be eligible to apply for the test, the applicant should have completed at least 5 years as on the date of filling up the application form. The reference point would be the green card with the date of permanent resident-ship stamped on it.

2. Those who are on conditional visa and have been staying in the USA for full time would be eligible for the application at the completion of 2 years of such a stay.

3. The applicant must have attained 18 years of age as on the date of filing the application.

4. The applicant can avail the 3 year exemption in case of special cases such as abusive marriage, refugee status, asylums and spouses of those with overseas jobs.

5. However, if the applicant has not shown physical presence in the USA for at least half the time in the 5 years mentioned, then the person is not eligible to apply for citizenship.

6. The applicant must have lived for at least 3 months in the district or state from which he/she has applied for citizenship. Else the application is invalid.

7. The applicant should spend some part of any year in the USA; a yearlong absence will render the applicant ineligible for the permanent citizenship test.

8. However those who are aged above 50 years and permanent residents for more than 20 years are exempt from taking the English test. Additionally those who are above 65 years and permanent residents for more than 20 years need to prepare only for 20 questions on the civics test and will be asked 10 questions from those 20.