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Citizenship Self Test

Also known as the naturalization self test, the citizenship self test is tool that helps test your current knowledge of English and the US history. The self test is divided into 2 parts English test and Civics test.

The English Self Test

The English Test consists of 3 sections – speaking, reading and writing. To prepare for these the USCIS has developed easy-to use reading and writing vocabulary flash cards that prepare the applicant for the spoken and written tests respectively. There is also a Reading test vocabulary list that gives you a comprehensive list of words that appear in the test. In addition, the centre also has flash cards for understanding the commands most often used during the interview sessions. All these are available for free and are a part of the self test.

The self test is also available as an interactive tool on the UCIS website in two parts – Vocabulary for naturalization interview – part 1 & 2 which focus on the various reading and listening skills required to clear the interview. There are also videos that demonstrate the exact pattern of the interview.

The Civics Self Test

The Civics Test is an oral interview where the applicant is asked 10 questions from a set of 100. The applicant prepares on all of these questions and has to answer at least 6 out of 10 questions to pass. The self test is a part of the USCIS website where the civics test questions are posted so that an applicant can assess himself. The self test is a practice session for candidates aspiring to get the USA citizenship. As with the English tests, the civics self test is also available in the form of flash cards both online and hard copy versions. Three versions – English Spanish and Chinese are available. Audio and video versions are also available for those who can study better with such aids. Interactive self test exercises are available for free download which give a real time feel to the self test.

Thus, using all these self test tools from the USCIS directly an applicant can easily study and prepare for the citizenship test.